Eagle Cove, Texas


Eagle Cove was fifteen miles southwest of Baird in southwestern Callahan County. In 1875 Thomas Anderson planned a home there for his son-in-law, John Trent. Arthur Anderson built in the area what was one of the first homes in the county to have plank floors and glass windows. Episcopal Bishop Alexander C. Garrett of Dallas held services at the site in 1878, an occasion commemorated with a monument raised there in 1932. A post office was established at Eagle Cove in 1879 with David M. Thomas as postmaster. The community had thirty residents by the mid-1880s, and wool was the primary commodity produced by area ranchers. Eagle Cove began to fade around 1900 and was bypassed during the construction of the Abilene and Southern Railway in 1909. The community's post office was discontinued in 1913, and by the late 1930s only a few scattered houses remained in the area. Source: Handbook of Texas Online

Eagle Cove is designated on the map above from 1901.