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Callahan County Fires, Tornadoes & Other Disasters

Putnam Fire, July 1912, photo submitted by Cathy Bradley.



A fire that started in S. L. Robinson's store, where the cast of Golden's Opera Company was preparing a show for the residents, did not stop the town's progress in 1884, nor did a tornado in 1895. ... Around 1910 a runaway train in the night precipitated a spectacular three-locomotive pile-up at the Baird depot. - Handbook of Texas Online


Clyde has also had several destructive tornadoes. The first one, in 1895, destroyed the Catholic church. On June 10, 1938, a tornado ripped through Clyde from the north, killing fourteen persons and destroying twenty-one homes and many other buildings, most notably the school. A freight train was also derailed. Temporary classes were held at the local churches. A third tornado, on April 28, 1950, killed five persons and destroyed four homes. The fourth twister, a less destructive one, struck east of Clyde on June 7, 1989. - Handbook of Texas Online

Cross Plains


  • Eula School Fire, 1946


  • Oplin Tornado, 1922



  • Pilgrim School Struck by Lightning & Burned 1912.