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Callahan County Courthouses

The Callahan County Courthouse, located in Baird, is the third court house that has been in use in the county.

Callahan County Courthouse, Baird, Texas 1885
Callahan County Courthouse Built in 1885 - after several temporary buildings, this was the county's first real courthouse.
Callahan County Courthouse, Baird, Texas 1900s
Callahan County Courthouse Built in 1900
Callahan County Courthouse, Baird, Texas 1940s
Callahan County Courthouse Built in 1929

Originally, when the county was organized in 1877, Callahan City was chosen as the county seat and a temporary courthouse was built in that community.  After a short time, businesses and residences moved away from Callahan City to Belle Plain, a nearby thriving community. 

In 1877, Belle Plain became the new county seat and the first Callahan County courthouse and a new jail were built.

Then in 1883, the railroad came and bypassed Belle Plain, but ran through the nearby community of Baird.  Businesses abandoned Belle Plain and moved to Baird.  It wasn't long before Baird was voted as the county seat.  The jail from Belle Plain was torn down and re-assembled in Baird. Late in 1883, a small wooden building was erected on the square to be used as a temporary courthouse. In January 1884, this building was spared in a devastating fire that destroyed much of Baird's downtown section.  In August 1884, the temporary courthouse was sold at auction. 

In 1885 the Callahan County's first real courthouse, a two story stone structure, was built by noted courthouse architect F. E. Ruffini.  In 1900, only 15 years later, this building was torn down and the materials used to build the second courthouse.

The 1900 courthouse was designed by another noted courthouse architect, J. Riely Gordon.

The current courthouse, a Texas Renaissance style building, was constructed in 1929.

The Callahan County Courthouse is located at:

Callahan County Courthouse
400 Market Street
Baird, Texas 79504-5305
Phone: 325-854-1217
Callahan County Government Website

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