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Callahan County Cities, Towns and Communities

Callahan CountyCities, Towns and Communities - Past & Present

Clyde, with a population of 3713, is the largest city in Callahan County.  Baird, the county seat, had 1496 people counted in the 2010 census. Cross Plains (population 982) and Putnam (94) are the only other cities in the county.  There are, however, many small unincorporated communities, such as Eula, Cottonwood, and Rowden.  Callahan City and Belle Plain are largely considered to be ghost towns.

Here's a quick look at most of the cities, towns and communities - past and present - in Callahan County:

Outside of Callahan County

Sabanno and Pioneer are two towns that are often mistakenly listed as being in Callahan County. Sabanno is located a about a mile east of the Callahan County line in Eastland County.  Pioneer is located on Highway 36, between Cross Plains and Rising Star a few miles past the Callahan County/Eastland County line.