Belle Plain Cemetery

Belle Plain Cemetery

Also known as Belle Plaine Cemetery



From the County Courthouse in Baird go east on Business 20 to the intersection with State Highway 283. Turn right (south) on Highway 283 and go 7.5 miles and turn left (east) on CR 470 and go 1/2 mile to the end of the pavement and turn left (north) and go 100 yards and turn right (east) on CR 295 which dead ends at the cemetery.

Historical Marker

Residents of the short-lived community of Belle Plaine were burying their dead at this site as early as 1878. Although the presence of unmarked graves suggests earlier possible usage, the oldest marked grave, that of sixteen-year-old Virgil Hill, dates to that year. Belle Plaine residents informally established a community cemetery here on vacant land. The graveyard was located within a larger tract of land that was owned by the state until 1861 and later by several railroad companies. Its last private owner, the Texas & Pacific Railway Company, purchased the tract that included this graveyard in 1879 when it anticipated routing its railroad through Belle Plaine. However, in 1883 the route was changed to pass through nearby Baird. In response, the railway company deeded the cemetery property to Callahan County the following year. Though the community of Belle Plaine had declined by 1909, burials have continued to take place. Those interred here include area pioneers, their descendants, and veterans. The historic burial ground remains an important cultural resource in this area. - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1992.

Transcriptions and Photos

Belle Plaine Cemetery Transcription prepared by Dana Voight and the Belle Plaine Cemetery Association.

Belle Plain Cemetery Graves at  Over 400 graves listed.